Hosted by CRBA
Victoria BC, Canada

by EMail

  • BCHPA Business Meeting
  • Social evening
  • Conference
  • Banquet
  • Honey, Wax & Mead Competition
  • Companion Program
  • The Union Club of BC, 805 Gordon Street,  Victoria BC
  • Knowledgeable Professionals in the field of Apiculture
  • Magnolia Hotel and Spa
Honey Judging

  • For beekeepers with 10+ years of experience
  • A must, please book early for all events
at The Union Club of BC
805 Gordon Street
Victoria, BC
October 26, 27 and 28

Honey, Wax and Mead contest.
Registration for entires accepted on Friday morning
, October 26, from 08:00 until 10:00.
Results and awards are given out at the Banquet on Saturday evening.


• All Honey entries must be entered for judging by 10:00 am, October 27th

• All Mead entries must be entered for judging by 10:00 am, October 27th

• 3 Jars or Containers must be presented for judging

• Single entries accepted for frames of honey or mead

• Judging will be done on the NATIONAL SCALE OF POINTS FOR JUDGING

• The decision of the judge is final

Please provide box for your entry or stand for frames.


  1. Liquid Honey (3@1 lB or 3@500 gram jars)
    • 1a: White
    • 1b: Golden
    • 1c: Amber
    • 1d: Dark
  2. Chunk Honey (3 jars)
  3. Granulated/Creamed Honey (3 jars)
  4. Cut Comb or Comb Honey Sections (3 trays or sections)
  5. Frame of Honey
  6. Bees Wax (2@1 lb or 2@500 g)
  7. Mead Hobby
    • 7a: Mead (traditional)
    • 7b: Melomel (fruit)
    • 7c: Metheglin (spice)
  8. Mead Commercial
    • 8a: Mead (traditional)
    • 8b: Melomel (fruit)
    • 8c: Metheglin (spice)
    • 8d: Sparkling Mead

Bottles of mead can have labels on them as the bottles are socked before they are judged

  Thanks to Barry's Bees for hosting this website.