Hosted by CRBA
Victoria BC, Canada

by EMail

  • BCHPA Business Meeting
  • Social evening
  • Conference
  • Banquet
  • Honey, Wax & Mead Competition
  • Companion Program
  • Knowledgeable Professionals in the field of Apiculture
  • Vendors with displays of proven and cutting edge wares for Apiculture
Honey Judging

  • For beekeepers with 10+ years of experience
at The Union Club of BC
805 Gordon Street
Victoria, BC
October 26, 27 and 28

The Union Club of BC is situated next to the Empress hotel on the Victoria harbour causeway.

Union Club Frontage
The Union Club of British Columbia was founded on an early spring day in April of 1879. Property for the current building was acquired in 1910. Today The Union Club is a designated heritage building. For more on the history check: Union Club History.
Dress Code
The Union Club has a dress code for members, guests, visitora and room guests whenever they are using the Club's common areas. The 2018 BCHPA AGM and Conference is a private function and as such the BCHPA's designated dress code (regular normal wear as in any of our previous meetings) supercedes the Club's dress code within the space of our conference. We also have a seperate street entrance to our conference which means we do not use club common areas. For more on dress code check: Union Club Dress Code.
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